Full Day Programs

We have full day program of different activities to increase full potential of your children in all aspects

Fulfill With Love

Safi high-school’s culture is teaching with love. Your children are in safe hands

Expert Teachers

Tireless efforts of tripartite teachers, parents and students got impressive achievements we proud


موضوعات مهم در اینجا latest news would be broadcast here


New technique offers glimpse at human evolution in action

14 Oct 2016 This post, by Jennie Dusheck, originally appeared…

New summit aims to get us feeling optimistic about conservation

Stuart Gillespie 4 Oct 2016 From the 'Red List' of threatened…

Predicting diabetes risk from birth(weight)

6 Oct 2016 In a guest post for Science Blog, Dr Emma O'Brien,…

Maths gives new insights into damage caused during brain surgery

27 Sep 2016 It might sound alarmingly similar to the prehistoric…

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